Skip Windows 8 Start Screen with RetroUI

The article gives guidelines on how to Skip Windows 8 Start Screen with RetroUI. The Windows 8 Start Screen has become much of a star. Everybody talks about it and many users would like to get rid of it. So, developers have taken this aspect into account and have come up with a program that helps you ignore the Start Screen in Windows 8 and see the old and familiar desktop. The application is known as RetroUI and takes you directly to the desktop avoiding the Start Screen entirely.

Skip Windows 8 Start Screen with RetroUI

So, you can open the Start Screen as well as other Windows 8 UI features or you can opt to disable them entirely. Thus, the hot corners, the Charms bar along with other Windows 8 elements can become inaccessible.

The app is sold by a company known as Thinix and costs only $4.95. Still, if you’re not sure about it, you can go for the 14-day fully functional trial version before purchasing it. Now, when you install the application, a shortcut will be set up on your Windows 8 desktop. You will have to double-click on this shortcut named RetroUI Settings. By doing so, you will get to a window that allows you to configure the program.

So, you have several options. The first of them gets you to the Windows desktop after you log in. Then there’s the second option which sends you to the desktop from the Lock Screen. Both of these options will allow you to use the hot corners and Charms bar to access the Start Screen as well as other Windows 8 UI features. And then there’s the third option which disables the Start Screen, Charms bar and hot corners entirely.

RetroUI seems to do a good job (at least in the Windows 8 RTM version). There were rumors saying that Microsoft would try to tweak Windows 8 in order to prevent users from bypassing the Start Screen. RetroUI shows that things haven’t gone this way.

The app addresses to businesses as well as to individuals. If you go for the $4.95 license, you’ll have the possibility to use the app on up to 3 PCs. Enterprises can go for the $4.95-per-PC license for RetroUI Pro.

The application may prove to be quite useful for companies who will be using Windows 8 but who prefer their users not to have to learn all the new things the Start Screen comes up with. You can also keep the Star Screen and go for a Start menu replacement that makes it easy for you to access your files and applications in the desktop. Among the free-utilities that offer a variation of the Start menu to the latest version of Windows, there’s StartMenu7, VisStart and Classic Shell.

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