Slow PC Fix

The best slow pc fix is to do regular maintenance on your machine. There are several tasks that you might not think are important but making sure to complete them on a regular basis (once a week or so) is the best way to make sure your pc is running the way it should.

Slow PC Fix

Clean out your computer! Just because your computer has one hundred or more gigabytes of space on it does not mean that your goal should be to fill up all of that space. Computers need to keep some of those gigabytes free in order to run the computer correctly. Take a look in your documents folder and make sure that you actually need to keep all of the files that are there. Here are a couple of tips to keep your computer free of files:

” Upload your photos to an online photo server like flickr or photobucket. Usually these sites are free, but if you take a lot of pictures they have “unlimited” options that are very affordable. Pictures take up a lot of room on a hard drive and you will save a lot of resources by uploading them to an online server.

” Invest in an external hard drive on which to keep your mp3s. More and more people are using their computers as music storage machines. Mp3s take up lots of space, just like photo files do. By investing in an external hard drive to house your music files you can keep your computer’s resources free and, in the event that you upgrade your computer, you won’t need to re-burn all of that music.

After you’ve weeded your documents folder go to town on the programs you have installed. Open up the Add/Remove programs option on your control panel. If you have multiple program types (three photo editors, four music players, twelve updates for one game, etc), pick your favorite and then uninstall and delete the rest. Get rid of the programs that you haven’t used in the last six months. You can always reinstall them!

After you’ve gotten rid of all of the programs you no longer need or want, run a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner is a program that will search your computer for files that have been left behind by the programs that you uninstalled. The registry cleaner will clean up these files and make sure that everything has been deleted completely.

Other slow pc fix options you have are to run your Anti-Spyware program and your Anti-Virus programs at least once a week. You should also run your disk clean up and check to see if your disk needs defragmenting. These can be done on the same days that your do your other maintenance. Making sure your computer runs smoothly does not have to be a long or draw out process. A regular slow pc fix maintenance routine could add years to the life of your computer and will definitely help it run as quickly as possible.

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