Speed Up Windows XP Startup

There are millions of computer users who go online, visit websites, download and install files and software, and do other tasks with their computers every day. A computers files generally become fragmented, its hard disk drive/s become crowded or overloaded, and in time it will show evidence of age as well as signs that its ready to retire.

Speed Up Windows XP Startup

A normal computer doesnt take more than 5 minutes to start running. If so, then your PC may have a problem. You can speed up Windows XP startup can making adjustments in your PCs settings. You can tweak the settings and see significant results even without shedding a dollar.

A computer running on Windows XP is just like any other computer. The issue here is there are various processes that a computer needs in order to function. If you install and uninstall programs, there are also sub-programs that come with them. And no computer user would want a slow PC.

If youre thinking of how to speed up Windows XP startup, here are a couple of tips that can help you:

** Here are a couple of things you can do:


This is a tool in your computers list of programs. You may either do it manually or just click the button to do so.

– UNINSTALL unwanted/idle/unnecessary files and/or programs

Idle programs and files take up memory space and they can affect the loading or startup because of this concern. You can uninstall programs you do not wish to continue using by:

click CONTROL PANEL -> select PROGRAMS -> select UNINSTALL Programs -> click on the program you wish to uninstall

– Defragment your hard disks

This is a way to speed up Windows XP startup. Your files become fragmented and scatter all throughout your hard disk, which makes it difficult for your PC load, scan and function properly. You may schedule your defragmentation process at least once a week for optimum performance.

– Disable auto-start programs

These can drag your PCs startup process since they also startup simultaneously with your computer. Look through your PCs Task Manager and identify the unused programs that you wish to disable. By doing this you are freeing up disk space and your PC to speed up a little.

– Run anti-virus and anti-spyware

Always have an anti-virus and anti-spyware running to help protect your PC all the time. It is essential particularly when you go online and download files/programs from the internet.

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