Study Skills For High School Students

High school is one of the most exciting stages of any person’s life. It is in this school stage that one experiences his or her first blush, first kiss, and develop deep bond with a friend or group of friends. Exciting as it is, it is in high school that a person comes face to face with first real fear, rejection and pressure. To help a student cope with the extremes that high school life brings to them, effective study skills for high school students must be developed in order to remove one major stressor in a student’s life: his studies. To achieve good grades, some highly recommended study skills for high school students are discussed below, of which a student can ponder upon.

Study Skills For High School Students

Study skills for high school student are easy to follow. A student needs to understand his needs first and how well or bad his study skills are doing before he can make a major revamp in his study methods. Firstly, you need to assess and ask yourself, what type of learner am I? Are you a visual, audio or kinesthetic learner? According to studies, not all persons learn in the same way. For instance, in a math subject, there are students who can understand a lecture based on graphs, tables and formulas presented on the blackboard.

These students are the visual type. Most of us learn in this way. However, there are some of us who learns well when these formulas, graphs and tables were discussed point by point by a teacher. These are the audio learners. They learn best when information is heard rather than seen. There are those, however, that seeing and hearing about a lesson is not enough for them. They understand and can solve a math problem well if they, themselves, write down and solve the formula on the board. This type of learners is called kinesthetic learners.

Second, ask yourself, what time is my mental faculty at peak? Experts say that each person has his or her own body clock. One student may be able to memorize his lines in a Shakespeare play when the dawn sets in or another student may able to do so at dusk. Do not push yourself to be a morning person if you are not, even if some teachers insist on you that the best time to study is during mornings. Study at evenings if you are an evening person. You will save a lot of energy and time if you study your lessons at a time when your mind and enthusiasm are at their best.

Lastly, assess yourself, how well is my time management? If you think that you have crammed on a project for a couple of times or that you have seen yourself not sleeping well during your exam week, it means that your time management needs a little tweaking. If you are a morning person, schedule your extracurricular activities during the afternoon and your out-of-school activities such as going out with friends must be done during the evenings. Do the reverse if you are an evening person. Also, check your timetable and see if there are more of non-school activities on it than on studying. Cross out less important activities. You can have all the fun time you want during school break.

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