Windows 8 – The Verdict

That article is about Windows 8 – The Verdict. Crunch time: the verdict on Microsofts new operating system. In short, I reckon its good. In fact, Id go so far as to say its pretty fab. Many reports have so far focused on the negative aspects, and I agree its very easy to focus on the fact that the new Ul will represent a steep learning curve for those who arent used to such things.

Windows 8 - The Verdict

However, the new Ul can also be seen as a natural advancement in the evolution and development of the next generation of operating systems. Household technologies such as games consoles, TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes are all of a similar theme, as are the well-used smartphones and tablets. Whether you want that kind of interface on your desktop is up to you, but as weve seen through the various screenshots, theres a
desktop under the new Ul, and its one that performs as well as, if not better than, the previous Windows.

Microsoft has created a modern operating system thats ideally geared toward the tablet, but still manages to work perfectly well on the desktop. This is a feat in itself, and although Microsoft is extremely late to the tablet revolution what it has here is a bold and different style thats very useable, responsive, and a clear improvement over the previous versions of Windows.

There is much that could do with being altered, Im not denying that. Features such as the Application Switcher could do with a bit of an overhaul, and then theres the issue of the new Ul and dualmonitor support. On the whole, however, Windows 8 has the look of a thoroughbred and will appeal to many. Its a shame weve lost Aero, despite the fact that nearly everyone turned it off as a part of the setup process. With Windows 7, it was just starting to enjoy life, from the rocky beginnings it had with Vista, and Windows 8 could have further improved on it.

As to whether Windows 8 will come out on top is a very open question. Theres already a significant amount of unnecessary animosity toward it, with people judging it before theyve even tried it. I suggest you enter into Windows 8 with an open mind, learn the new keyboard shortcuts inherent to the new Ul, organise the Ul to how you want it to look and allow yourself some patience when navigating it. The familiar is still there; you just have dig a little to get to it.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Is it a winner? Thats a far more difficult question to answer. Some people will love it and some will hate it, either because its something new or because it genuinely doesnt suit their way of working. Its clear that Microsoft wants to tap into the magic that fuels Apples success, but will the millions of people who choose Windows specifically to avoid the barriers and the hand-holding of the Cupertino Orchard accept it? Well just have to wait and see.

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