Comptia Security Training

Every field of IT security has a CompTIA Security Certification to cover it. And for every CompTIA Security Certification, there is CompTIA Security training to cover the requirements of the CompTIA TIA Security+ Exam. The object of CompTIA security training is to let candidates get the hands- on experiences of installing maintaining, and solving problems involved with IT security systems and networks.

Comptia Security Training

The broad-based CompTIA Security+ exam tests an IT professional grasp of a variety of security topics, including operational systems and network security, encryption, and communications security. CompTIA Security Training is available not only from IT training centers, but as collegiate or university courses. But classroom CompTIA Security Training, as useful as it may be, is always enhanced by real-world job experience in IT security solutions, and CompTIA suggests at least two years of field experience for its Security Certification applicants.

The high regard in which those who achieve CompTIA Security+ Certification are held is evident in the fact that IT and electronics corporations like Hitachi, Motorola, IBM, and Symantec all either demand it or recommend it of their IT professionals. CompTIA Security Training is definitely in demand and that demand is not likely to diminish in the near future.

CompTIA security training courses must prepare their participants to pass the CompTIA’s SY0-101 exam, which contains one hundred questions covering five distinct fields of IT security. They include encryption, organizational and operational security, infrastructure security, communications security, and basic security concepts.

CompTIA security training teaches candidates to recognize and handle security threats by, among other things, managing a PKI and security certificates, securing an organization’s network communications and establishing and enforcing its security measures, and answering any software or network initiated attacks.

CompTIA security training courses usually include such topics as the creation and maintenance, and use of a secure network, essential in today’s business environment. Countless trillions of bits of sensitive information, including credit card, bank, medical, and employment records are transferred from network to networks on a daily basis, from intra-office communications to international transactions involving parties on several continents.

Explaining basic cryptography methods and standards, and basic security concepts, procedures, and policies, CompTIA security training prepares IT professionals to monitor an organization’s internal and external communications. It will also ready candidates to test on such issues as common security attack strategies and authentication protocol; router, modem, switches, and firewall security, detection of intrusions, and remote access and email security.

The Arthur McNeil Institute in Rahway, NJ, offers a six-week classroom course in CompTIA security training, for a tuition or $1,400. Its trainers are CompTIA certified, and unlimited laboratory use is included. Morgan Stanley, Viacom, Pfizer, Ford, Exxon, Nabisco, Chase, Boeing, and AT&T; are just some of the companies which have either employed Arthur McNeil graduates or sent IT staff to them for CompTIA security training.

Some of AMI’s corporate clients will offer their employees tuition reimbursement for taking the CompTIA security training or other IT courses, and their tuition includes free course repeats when necessary.

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