How To Increase Computer Speed

Using a fast and efficient computer is generally the goal of every computer user. Before, it used to be just the worries of employees and scientists working on projects with deadlines. But nowadays, even the home user needs a qualified and fast computer specifically for communicating online with family and friends overseas.

How To Increase Computer Speed

So here comes the need to improve the performance of the computer but not everyone can be a savvy techie who can tweak their hard drive or run some kind of program that can improve your PC. Dont fret because youll definitely learn how to increase computer speed without being a techie. The best part of this is that it is easy and simple to follow.

** Here are some practical and simple tips on how to increase computer speed:

(1) Choosing an operating system [OS] and processor

If youve already given up on your Jurassic PC and theres nothing you can do but buy a new one, or if its your first time to buy a computer, you can save yourself a whole lot of problems in the future if you will consider the right OS. An operating system that is perfect for your usage should be your first basis. Your CPUs performance also relies on your choice of OS. Right now, most people use Windows XP and Vista, and Mac OS.

For processors, the faster the better. Pentium 4, core duo, core 2 duo and quad are among the fastest for home and office computers. The best part of it is that you can ask the computer stores personnel to recommend you a fast and efficient OS and processor. You need to give them the nature of your work and/or usage so they can pair up a good specification for your needs.

(2) Use external hard drive or flash drive when saving personal files aside from using the My Documents folder

Saving too much junk into your computer, particularly on your drive C:\\, can eat up much disk space [memory] which can then lead to a sluggish computer in the long run. Try not to over-crowd your drive C, so instead save on the My Documents folder if the files are quite big and important. If you have an external hard disk or a flash drive, save your personal files and other downloaded files there to prevent an over-stocked My Documents folder.

(3) Defragment your hard disks

Partitions on your computers hard disks become fragmented when you save new files, create new and delete folders, delete or move folders from one disk to the other. This slows down your computer because your computers system will have to look for them each time when you need them.

This is not the sole way on how to increase computer speed, but it can improve the sluggish way your computer behaves because when you defrag, the files that you moved and deleted are scattered all over the partitions will be fixed. It is advisable to defrag your hard disks at least twice a month. But it is recommended to defrag once a week to achieve more optimum speed.

(4) Do not change your Windows frequently

If theres a need to upgrade your Windows, then do so. But somehow, many users when they did this find their computers running slower than before. It is important that you reformat first then install the new Windows.
There are other ways on how to increase computer speed. Some may cost a lot but these practical tips can help you while you are searching for the right solution.

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