How to make my laptop run faster

Laptops are sometimes considered more sensitive than desktop computers simply because of their components. The smaller and thinner the laptop, the more high-end it is, and the more expensive. This is true especially when it comes to taking care of your laptop since it requires more care, caution and common sense to own one. Maintenance is indeed one of the deciding factors when people buy these machines. Also, the cost of repair for a laptop is quite high as compared to repairing a desktop computer.

How to make my laptop run faster

However, just like many desktop computers, laptops can become sluggish because of age and the normal wear and tear.

If you find yourself asking the question how to make my laptop run faster ? then continue reading..

Old laptops and those that have undergone the usual wear and tear may have already been showing signs of near retirement. A slow laptop is one indication of many other possible symptoms. But you dont have to wait for all those errors to occur and you should look for solutions now if youre being bugged by the burning question: how to make my laptop run faster.

Firstly, you dont need to spend a dime or too much if you need to understand and implement solutions on speeding up your laptop. The good news is there are several built-in tools in your laptop that you can use when problems occur. There is no need to make any investments in third party softwares to fix the speed of your laptop when tools are readily available at your disposal.

Your mission: How to make my laptop run faster using built-in tools

Use System File Checking

Use this tool to repair corrupt files in your laptop. You can check your laptops speed by going online, logging out and starting up your laptop again, and also by opening multiple files and applications simultaneously.

Enable your firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware

Viruses and spyware are elements that can cause damages to computers. Symptoms include gradual and unnoticed slow down in speed and a few errors here and there. A Firewall may be able to shield your laptop from invasions, but its best to have an anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect your machine further. Make sure that these applications run on real time basis.

Uninstall idle or unused programs

Use your Uninstall utility to remove unused or idle programs. Idle and unused programs still take up some memory space which can drag the loading process of other applications.

Defragment your hard drive

Defragmenting your hard drive can help file components to be in one place for faster accessing. Scattered file components in the hard drives partitions generally causes the slow down and may give rise to various errors as well.

Use a Windows registry repair program

Windows-based laptops and desktops have a registry which generally stores the installation details and a list of crucial information. It is typically a database that needs to be maintained, scanned and fixed in order to improve its overall performance and speed of your hard drive.

Look for a registry repair program that covers a wide variety of errors and can work on various Windows versions, covers a wide-range of error-correcting capabilities, and it should provide maintenance and back-up facilities.

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