MBA Curriculum

Basically, the MBA curriculum is divided majorly into two and these are the term one courses and term two courses. These courses are further subdivided into core and elective courses. At the beginning of the MBA program, the core classes are taken so as to help the students lay the right foundation for the remaining of their education. The core classes depend greatly on the type of course the student is registering for. At the completion of the MBA core curriculum, students are supposed to have a better understanding of the concept of their course.

MBA Curriculum

It is imperative to state that the MBA curriculum vary from one school to the other. But whatever your specialty, you will need to complete the entire core courses. For business students, some of the core curriculum being offered for MBA includes variations and combinations of some courses. Some of these courses include Economics, Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Manufacturing and Production, Technology and Information Systems, Business Strategy and Marketing Management. These core courses are taken as compulsory classes during the first year in many schools.

However, some other schools allow students to take the courses in the courses of the years. You should be careful not to have the core courses clashing with the electives that you would be required to seat for during your academic years. This is why it is better for a student to have a whole picture of all the courses he will be sitting for throughout the academic period so as not to make any mistake.

Generally, there are wide ranges of exciting courses that make up the curriculum of a school. The content of the MBA curriculum are usually refreshed so as to meet with the requirement of the ever- changing academic needs. The idea behind the curriculum is to give students a grasp of the broad based rudiments of the course.

It is also to give a general idea of what students are expected to go through throughout their academic years in the school. And these courses include both the theories and practical of the course. In most schools, at initial stage of admission when students are in their first year, they usually take the same course to build them up and to expose them to the fundamentals of their studies.

It has been discovered that one way or the other, the MBA curriculum of all the standard and accredited schools are related. It may not be the same entirely but there would be some elements that are the same. This is probably because there is a body that regulates the activities of these schools and also set the requirement for obtaining an MBA degree from any school.

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