MBA Salary

Pursuing higher education is a noble act. The objective in getting a higher education to improve one’s self is essential to human development. Getting an MBA in business administration is the key in getting a good paying job. High MBA salary awaits graduates who excelled in this field. It’s not only the MBA salary that attracts the graduates of business administration to get a master’s degree but the benefit of adding such a prestigious title on their resume.

MBA Salary

As MBA graduate you have more chances of finding better jobs that can help you to improve the quality of your life. Most MBA graduates can easily find jobs than ordinary graduates of business administration. They can choose the office position that they like to fill in. And can command a high MBA salary. Your MBA degree will boost your chances of surpassing the salaries of people with bachelor degrees. Your earning potential will be much more lucrative compared to the days when you are just an ordinary employee.

MBA salary differs from state to state. The cities and states in the U.S have different levels of salaries based on their economy and cost of living. If you are formerly working in New York and re-located in California there will be a difference on the salary that will be offered to you. Your MBA salary may be higher or lower. In that case, you need to decide whether you will accept the re-location or not. Here’s a list of how MBA degree holders are paid according to the state where they work. Starting in California, the salary is $96,599, New York $95,083, Massachusetts $89,267, Illinois $83,998, Pennsylvania $78,536, Texas $78,532, and Florida $67,130.

The salary in the key cities in the U.S starting in New York is $102,869, Boston $95,605, Los Angeles $94,243, Chicago $89,495, Atlanta $82,410, Houston $80,711, and Dallas $80,595. As you can see on the list, there’s a great difference in salaries especially in the key areas in the U.S. New York as a business capital pays more salary than their counterparts. Your salary is also viewed in terms of which school you took your master degree. The school’s reputation in where you study your MBA will hold a bearing in the company’s decision whether to employ you or not, and the amount of salary they will offer.

The company where you wish to work will also consider your qualification and experience when deciding on your salary. The number of years you worked before and after you graduated from school will also be assessed including your working abilities.

If you has a working experience of under a year you will receive $50,427, one to four years, $56,090, five to nine years $74,053, ten to nineteen years $94,038, and over twenty years $103,600. This is the company system. Even in states where the salary is lower, they can still offer you a big salary based on your experience and the number of years you had worked.

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