Michele Kelly PhD

Michele Kelly PhD was awarded the Young Investigator 2007 for her consistent and useful research work; she carried out on schizophrenia patients. Michele Kelly PhD did her graduation in Psychology and later went on to do her doctoral research in some of the cutting edge issues relating to mentally disordered people. The Mental Health Research Association of the United States awarded her the Young Investigator award which also carries a research scholarship. This award would support a person up to $30,000 per year in expenses so that she or he can carry out the research work on an independent basis.

Michele Kelly PhD

This award is normally given to ongoing work on clinical practices and methods. But it should primarily be on issues like Schizophrenia, major affective disorders or other such mental illnesses; only then the candidates are considered for the award. Michele Kelly PhD has done extensive work on schizophrenic patients. She works on the increase in G Alpha protein in schizophrenic patients. She has set up her lab which investigates on the reasons behind the dilating of the lateral ventricles.

This was observed by her in both mice and in Schizophrenic patients. In both the cases, they also observed the reason to be the decrease in the size of another area of the brain, the Striatum. Michele Kelly PhD is working more on the effect and the cause of these symptoms using some of the latest techniques in magnetic resonance mapping. She would also be using some of the other modern techniques to identify the reasons behind the delayed neural developments in these patients.

Her research on the subject would and should establish whether such deficits in mice and in human beings are the reason behind the psychotic condition. Michele Kelly PhD is a psychology graduate and works as a full time post doctoral research fellow in the Kelly Labs. She has had a number of publications to her credit. Some of her publications are path breaking.

Her work on the way schizophrenic children and adults behave has received wider acclaim. And Michele Kelly PhD continues to influence the psychological research in the country through her contributions. It is also true that she has been consistently patronized by a number of interested groups and trusts in the mission. Her work to a large extent was recognized by most of the psychology associations.

There are also other cases with Michele Kelly PhD has investigated with reference to children. She has done work with reference to the Navy and the young mothers separated by military-inducement. The effect this has on the children and their behavior was also studied by her. This paper was published in the Journal of American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. All these add to the work that has been done by Michele Kelly PhD and portrays the continuing work in the field.

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