Slow PC Free

Anybody can fix a slow pc free. Follow these steps and you will have your computer running smoothly in no time.

Slow PC Free

Check Your Files: Take a stroll through your documents folder and your downloaded and installed programs. Is there extra stuff there that you no longer need or use? Get rid of it! Burn the photos to a CD or upload them to an online photo server and uninstall any program that you haven’t used in the last six months. You can always reinstall the programs, right?

Clean Your Registry:

After you have gone through and weeded out your programs and documents folder, run a registry cleaner. You can find these for free all over the internet. A registry cleaner is a program that goes through your computer and looks for files that got left behind during the deleting and uninstalling process. For some reason when you delete things, often a byte or two of information stays behind. These bytes can add up quickly and bog down your system.

Check for Spyware:

Spyware can get installed onto your system by even the friendliest of websites. These are files that are designed to keep track of everything you computer system is doing and they usually use up a lot of your computer’s resources in doing so. Free spyware blockers and checkers abound, but the most popular one is AdAware. Run an anti-spyware program like AdAware on a regular basis.

Do A Virus Check:

there are a number of ways you can check your computer for viruses. You can find a free, web-based virus checker or you can purchase the virus software and install it on your system (note: these programs are usually quite large and use a considerable amount of resources). Run your virus checker at least once a week to make sure you haven’t accidentally downloaded a virus (and that one hasn’t found its way to your system through other means).

Clean and Organize Your Hard Drive:

After you have gone through your files, run the registry cleaner and checked for both spyware and viruses, you will still need to run your computer’s built in disk cleanup program. This program will turn up all of the stuff you didn’t think to look at, like your cache and clipboard, and will let you know all of the superfluous stuff that you can delete.

After you run this, check to see if your hard drive needs to be defragmented and if it does, go ahead and defragment it. Defragmenting the hard drive is simply your computer’s way of making sure that program files haven’t wandered into other folders or registries. Nobody is sure why this happens, but it does and a defrag is the best way to make sure your computer’s hard drive stays organized.

Anybody can fix a slow pc free. All of these routine maintenance costs are completely free to do and you can do all of them yourself. By performing these simple maintenance tasks on a regular basis you won’t need to worry about fixing your slow pc free.

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