Speedup My PC

All PCs become old as time passes and there are indications such as slow-down, freezing-up and worst of all, system crash. Many computer user made the costly mistake of buying a new PC when their old units slow-down. There are thing you can do if you keep on pondering what can I do to speedup my pc?

Speedup My PC

First of all, do not panic when your computer slows down or freezes up when youre using it. If this happens for the first time, you can still save your PC by using the built-in utilities and tools. You dont need to be a pro in fixing a PC but you would need to ask a technician if symptoms still persist.

** How can I speedup my pc? Simple, just try these simple solutions first before you buy or pay for anything:

(1) Scan your PC for viruses and spyware

There are numerous PC viruses and spyware out there that should be blasted off from your computer each time you go online. But this protection should go beyond going online. You need to enable your firewall and run a live anti-virus and anti-spyware. And make sure that the programs you are using are updated regularly.

(2) Disable programs that automatically loads simultaneously when Windows starts up

Automatically-loading programs slow down the booting [start-up] speed of your PC. Disable these programs for faster and smoother start-ups.

(3) Scan your PC using its System File Checking utility

Use this built-in utility to fix corrupted/altered files which your computer has accumulated. With regular use of this utility, you will see significant changes in your PCs speed and performance.

(4) Uninstall unused/idle programs in your PC

These programs take up memory space and with less memory space come speed and performance issues. Be cautious when deselecting and uninstalling programs though, because there are programs that may look idle and unfamiliar but play significant functions.

(5) Defragment your hard drive

Defragmenting your hard drive puts all of your files components in one place. Fragmented files can slow- down a computer because the data are scattered in different partitions of your hard drive and when you try to open them, your PC will need the time to get all of its components. This happens when you open, save, alter and delete a file/program from your PC- file components scatter and remnants from deleted file still linger.

– Use Windows registry repair program

Some are not yet aware that Windows registry repair can handle most of their computers problems. It can fix errors, back-up data, helps optimize speed and performance, and many others.

Look for registry repair program that can help you end your troubles and worries on how can I speedup my pc?.

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