Technical And Further Education

Technical education is talk of the town these days. With the increase in the demand of technologies, more hands are needed to develop them and implement them in our existing system. Thus many institutes like Technical and Further Education (TAFE), are taking steps to impart technical knowledge to individuals of the nation.

Technical And Further Education

TAFE offers are wide range of Technical and Vocational courses in Australia. The institute provides courses in disciplines like arts, engineering, computer programming, tourism and many more. The institution is owned and operated by territory and state government of Australia.

TAFE has a long history of helping students to attain high quality technical education through the various facilities it provides to its students. Students from the country and abroad join TAFE institutes to get enrolled in good technical courses that range from certificate level to post- graduate levels.

There are some advantages of doing a technical course from a TAFE institute. Students of TAFE get an opportunity to practically learn and apply the concepts and techniques related to the technologies, which helps them in better understanding and application of facts.

Secondly, those who apply for technical education in TAFE, get more number of technical courses choices, designed to meet the requirements of every type of candidate, than what is provided in any other institute.

Various Courses and Qualifications Offered By Technical and Further Education Colleges or Institutes:

Certificate Level Courses: These courses provide technical skills and training at the introductory level. Such courses are designed to impart industry specific knowledge. The duration of such courses vary from few weeks to six months.

Diploma Courses: Such courses prepare the students to make their career in industrial, para-professional, enterprise fields. These are basically 18 to 24 month courses.

Advanced diploma: This course offers practical skills at high level and enables a candidate to look for job opportunities in some specific area. The duration of such courses vary from 24 to 36 months.

Vocational Graduate Diploma or Vocational Graduate Certificate Course: These courses enable a candidate to build high level technical skills and techniques. The duration of Graduate Diploma is of six months and the course duration of Graduate Certificate is of one year of full time study.

One more advantage of doing a course from TAFE is that the individual has a number of course choices to get enrolled in. The other important advantage of TAFE is that the courses done from its institutes can be counted as credits towards some other Australian universities. For example somebody who has done a graduate diploma course from TAFE will receive a credit 2 or 3 semesters towards a related degree course.

Thus, there are many advantages of doing a course from Technical and Further Education institute. TAFE enables a candidate to look towards the brighter side of their career.

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