Windows Registry Checker

Windows Registry Checker automatically scans a computers registry for incorrect and invalid entries. This tool is specifically designed to restore registry back-up when incorrect or invalid entries are identified. This can be done by running the Autorun or Scanreg command from your computers command prompt [also known as “run box”].

Windows Registry Checker

Windows Registry Checker aims to repair a computers registry when there is no recent back-up. This program is also used by Windows set-up to scan an active registry for any damage before executing an upgrade. If it detects registry damage, it will try to fix this damage.

Windows Registry Checker was only made available and used in version 98 and ME. The latest versions of Windows, XP, Vista and Windows 7 do not have this tool. Computer users of the latest versions of Windows should look for available 3rd party registry repair programs.

Most of the 3rd party registry repair programs provide more scanning and fixing capabilities. This is the best option if you have a computer that either runs on Windows XP OS or on the other latest versions. Comparatively, Windows registry repair programs are more complex as they offer almost unlimited capabilities to the computer users. It is therefore a must-have utility for computer users who are meticulous and careful of their machines.

* Here are a few of the many capabilities that a registry repair program can offer:

– it can scan the registry for any faulty and/or invalid data
– it can remove outdated and obsolete entries
– it can shrink and compress a overloaded registry
– it can fix errors and faulty system references

Windows registry repair programs may also provide essential back-up capabilities as well as restore the original registry data before execution. Computer registry is crucial and without it any Windows-based PC would not function. When damage to the Windows registry occurs, it is crucial to have a back-up in order to save the system prior to its repair.

On a practical sense, if you wish to try and use Windows Registry Checker or any other similar program, always make a full system back-up just to ensure that you can recover if ever an accidental damage happens.

You must understand that registry cleaners are very powerful tools. They can scan and fix a sluggish computer and can eliminate computer errors and crashes. But you need to use these programs with utmost caution and responsibility since a damaging mistake can cost your computer so much.

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