Computer Forensics

What Is Computer Forensics and How Do You Train To Become a Computer Forensics Specialist?

A high career that is high in demand and also constantly evolving is in computer forensics. If you are interested in computers, putting pieces together while analyzing data and the justice system, Computer Forensics would be a great career path for you.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is also known as computer forensics science and cyber – forensics. It involves analyzing information that was created on a computer. It includes finding out what happened on a computer and even includes who it was that used the computer. This information is necessary for court cases dealing with financial fraud and other forms of computer crime. Computer forensics extracts data from the computer which can be used as evidence. This exciting field may involve examining a hard drive to investigate all files; some may have been deleted, tampered with, damaged and encrypted files. Most people don’t know how to get this information and locate deleted and damaged files, so that’s why we rely on computer forensics.

Starting Your Education

There are many different degrees of education in computer forensics. You can get everything from a certificate, Associates in computer forensics and a bachelor’s degree. Though currently you only need to get a certificate to get a good job in computer forensics. To get the best possible salary, you could get all degrees. Start off with getting a certificate at an accredited vocational school. Once you have your certificate, you can either get a job or start working on your Bachelors. You can work with your Certificate while attending school will help you to gain experience so when you complete your education you are positioned to get the best job possible.

Making Your Career

There is a wide array of jobs in computer forensics. It is still a growing field and jobs are constantly changing and growing. Demand is high since different needs are constantly coming up and there aren’t enough people with experience to fill all the new and different demands. With a degree you can get many different jobs such as a computer forensics analyst to a Cyber investigator. You can be employed directly by a software company to help prevent computer crime, and also by the legal system itself.

Having A Great Income For Years To Come

Salaries can depend on many factors. The kind of degree that you have can influence what kind of job you get and even what salary you will receive. Experience is also a major factor in your salary and job description, the more experience you have will open up many doors to you and offer better jobs and salaries. Also, the school you attended can boost your salary, since the material that you study at one institute can vary from another.

People just starting out can earn anywhere from 30 thousand a year to 75 thousand a year. With more experience the potential can range from 100 thousand a year to 150 thousand a year on the upper end.

You can have a rewarding career that pays well with computer forensics. All you need to do is apply at a good school and pass the appropriate certification exams. Computer forensics is a field that will undoubtedly continue to grow for many years to come.

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