How To Improve Computer Speed

The need to improve computer speed is probably the number one concern of all computer users. However, not everyone is qualified to perform technical tasks to improve the speed and performance of their computers. If you dont know how to improve computer speed, dont panic. There are tools within computers that users can utilize in order to achieve the best performance from their machines.

How To Improve Computer Speed

** The following are some of the practical and simplest methods on how to improve computer speed:

– Defragment your computers hard drive

Hard disks partition tables can become fragmented since saving files, creating new ones and deleting the old, as well as moving files and folders can leave fragments of information on their original locations. These actions can slow down your computer because the system will have to look for them each time you access them again. Defragmentation puts all the information and elements back together in one place to allow your system to efficiently locate information when accessing files.

Defragmenting your hard drive is just one way of how to improve computer speed. Set a weekly or monthly schedule to defrag your hard drive to achieve the best speed and performance from your computer.

– Uninstall and/or delete unnecessary files and programs that stay idle in your hard disk

Idle programs and files may look harmless but they take up memory space. The key is to have enough memory in your hard disk drive so that your system can efficiently process files and software that you need. Freeing up memory of junk can do wonders for your computer, so check your list of files and programs and remove those that were downloaded and installed by you.

– Avoid over-crowding your drive C:\\ or hard disk drive

As much as possible, only save your personal files on the My Documents folder or if you have an external hard disk or flash drive, you may use them as alternative.

– Avoid changing your Windows

Upgrading is advisable only when the Windows version that you have is already too old and cannot accommodate the latest programs. However, if your computer is already 5 years old and using an old Windows version, you might as well change the other components to accommodate faster programs and tools. Normally the incompatibility of programs and components are the causes of computer slow-down after upgrading. If you dont have any choice, you must reformat your Windows before your install a new version.

– Use a Windows registry repair program

There is another simpler and easier way on how to improve computer speed, and that is to use a Windows registry repair program. Your computers registry is a database that keeps and maintains all of your installed programs. A tangled-up Windows registry poses more errors that can lead to serious computer breakdowns, so it is a must to clean and fix it to achieve better speed and performance.

Make sure that you choose a registry repair program that you can use easily and efficiently. Choose the one/s that provide a range of error-correcting capabilities, maintenance and back-up that can greatly improve your computers performance.

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