How to speed up the computer

The article gives some basic information on How to speed up the computer. Sometimes, it is not immediately apparent how to speed up your computer. You may not be performing especially intense tasks or running lots of programs at once, but nonetheless even regular functions such as typing words or opening a folder may take far too long to display.

How to speed up the computer

If youve tried hardware-based ways to speed up computer, such as moving it from a particularly hot environment into a cooler one, the problem may have to do with software. It is easy to pick up viruses from opening innocuous-seeming website or files, and by definition, a virus will make your computer slower. The reason why this occurs is because the virus uses your computers resources to execute its programming, taking as much of them as it can.

Spyware is a form of virus which gathers your personal information and sends it to a third party without your permission. Both searching and sending can take up a huge amount of your computers processing time. Removing it is one of the best ways to speed up computer and simultaneously keep your identity safe.

Other forms of computer viruses force your computer, along with hundreds or thousands of others infected with the same virus, to spend its cycles doing things such as repeatedly loading webpages or otherwise flooding servers with traffic. By getting rid of such viruses, your computer will have enough processing to carry out the functions you, and not someone else, decide for it.

Even if you are not infected with a virus, there are other ways how to speed up your computer. Much like the brain, computers store information by breaking it into parts, trading efficiency for speed. Having your hard disk defragmented reorganizes them more efficiently for faster retrieval, and is another of the ways to speed up computer.

One last way how to speed up your computer: the registry is where the computer stores information that it may need later. But over time, that information can become out of date. By having your registry cleared, your computer will not waste time trying to retrieve information that is no longer useful.

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