Is Windows 8 RTM done?

The article concerns the question – Is Windows 8 RTM done? Well, that’s a question many of us would like to get an answer to. With so many rumors about Windows 8 that prove to give no exact date, it’s no wonder Windows users are kind of confused when it comes to the Windows 8 release date. Nor did Microsoft executives say when Windows 8 will actually be “done”.  Now, “done” can either mean released to manufacturing (RTM) or made generally available.

Is Windows 8 RTM done?

There are many sources saying that Windows 8 is very close to the finish line. Why isn’t there any official statement about that if that’s so? Last year, more precisely in September, Microsoft said that Windows 8 will first come in the public developer test build version (Developer Preview), it would then be followed by one public beta (Consumer Preview) and one public release candidate (Release Preview). Microsoft also stated then that users waiting for the new version of the operating system should not expect Windows 8 to follow the same cadence as the previous version of the OS did.

Well, the Release Candidate has been made available at the end of last month, more precisely at the end of May 2012, and it is said that there will be no other public test builds of Windows 8 before Windows 8 RTM.

Now rumors have it that Windows 8 RTM build will be 8500.0.120623-1707 and that will be coming in late July sometime between 17 and 20. We’re inclined to believe so too as Microsoft has its annual internal sales conference on July 19th and then there’s also the MGX running from July 17 to 20.

There are sources claiming that Windows 8 RTM build is already “done” whereas others say that it’s really not. If we are to believe the sources and rumors having it that Windows 8 RTM will come at the end of July and if we’re to take into account the fact that August will be the vacation month for many Microsoft employees, then not long is left until Windows 8 RTM reaches the “done” stage.

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